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Department of Prosthodontics

Department of Prosthodontics is a state key clinical department in China, including seven sub-discipline, and is the dental specialty that treats patients with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues. Optimal oral health and esthetics are obtained for patients through the use of dental implants, dentures, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening. Through diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance, a prosthodontist can improve the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of a patient.

The distinguishing feature of our department including the aesthetic reconstruction using porcelain veneer and ceramic crown/bridge, tooth whitening, preservative prosthesis, occlusal reconstruction, removable denture and restoration-oriented implant dentistry. In recent years, we carried out the complete dentures with lingualized occlusion, which is a standard and simple technique, and showed favourable restorative effect.

Also, we have carried out the cross-arch restoration for the patients with periodontal disease, occlusal treatment for temporomandibular joint syndrome, immediate implant placement and functioning, aesthetic implant treatment for the anterior teeth loss, “ALL-ON-4” immediate-function concept for completely edentulous patients, cyst plug, maxillofacial prosthesis for the jaw defects, and other new technologies. Meanwhile, tooth bleaching and related micro-precision aesthetic restorative technology in our department have reached the international advanced level.

Our department is supported by the national "985" project, "211" project, the clinical research center for dental disease in Hubei Province, the key clinical department in central China, Nobel Biocare Global University Partner Program, and excellent courses in Hubei Province. We have the most advanced clinical diagnosis and treatment equipment in China, and a fully equipped operating room for implant surgery. We are the largest and most powerful prosthodontics department in central China, and provide high-quality restorative service for the patients in Hubei Province and the surrounding provinces. At the same time, we provide the training opportunities and supporting programs for all levels of hospital nearby. At present, the annual outpatient amount is more than 50,000, experts outpatient is about 30,000.

Our department have 30 doctors, including 24 Ph.D., 4 master, and 2 undergraduate. 16 of them have overseas study background, and 3 of them are interdisciplinary postdoctoral. Title consists of: well-known experts 1, chief physician 14, deputy chief physician 6, attending physician 8. We are a member of the professional committee of the Chinese Academy of Stomatology. We have 4 doctoral tutor and 8 master tutor, they are the deputy editor and editor of the National Undergraduate and Graduate Program. We have trained a large number of high-quality prosthetic professionals. Our expert team participate in the national academic exchanges, national continuing education projects and the "western line" activities frontier.

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