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Department of Preventive Dentistry

The Department of Preventive Dentistry of Stomatology Hospital of Wuhan University was found in 1984.With more than 30 years’ development, there are 8 comprehensive dental chairs and 9 medical staffs including 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 doctor-in-charge and 4 nurses. It recruits 1 or 2 doctoral candidates and 2 or 3 postgraduate students each year,as well.

The hospital clinical work provided in the department includes filling and restoration of children's dental caries and dental defects, root canal therapy of kinds of pulpitis and periapical periodontitis, desensitization of dentin hypersensitivity, detecti-on and prevention of oral malodor, preventative scaling and prevention of caries and periodontal diseases among children and adult. Besides, carrying out oral health education among patients is also provided, including oral health consultation, oral health instruction, oral health status evaluation and recommending oral health supplies, etc.

More than 90 important related papers have been published on journals both at home and abroad, with 35 SCI papers among them. Research subject that was the establishment and application of comprehensive intervention model for caries disease prevention had won the second prize of science and technology progress prize in Hubei province and the second prize of science and technology awards established by the Chinese Stomatological Association.

The Prevention Committee for Oral Health of Hubei province was established in 1989, whose office has been located in the Department of Preventive Dentistry.Its main duties are to assist the Department of Health and Family Planning Commission in Hubei province in setting up development of oral disease prevention and treatment  and annual plan for oral hygiene, to supervise the progress of oral disease prevention and treatment and oral hygiene in Hubei province, to lay down administrative standards for oral disease prevention and treatment institutions and standard operating procedures of oral health skills in terms of relevant laws and professional norms, to give guidance on some aspects of oral disease prevention and treatment carried out in different places all over the province, such as cultivation, examination, supervision, assessment,etc. It is also responsible for organizing activities of oral hygiene health education, oral health promotion, common oral diseases supervision and prevention and healthcare.And its duties also include not implementing application scientific researches on oral disease prevention and treatment, but promoting appropriate skills for oral health care.

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