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Department of Periodontics

Department of Periodontology is a National Key Clinical Department which has a professional and high-quality health care team. It provides instruction in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth to dental students and postdoctoral/graduate students. Departmental faculty assigned to undergraduate teaching provides students with the knowledge and clinical skills to diagnose and treat patients with periodontal disease. The main treatment is the performances of various types of periodontal diseases, such as gum bleeding, gum swelling, gingival recession and tooth loosening

Department of Periodontology is the largest periodontal treatment center and training center in Central and South China. There are 25 dental chairs and 2 separate periodontal operating rooms. A year outpatient is more than 50000. There are 11 faculties, of which 9 people have PhD degrees. Right now, there are 6 clinical Professors (including 3 Professors), 1 clinical associate professor, and 4 assistant professors. Besides, we have 12 nurses (including 5 dental hygienists) and 2 technicians. Professor Cao is the chair of Department of Periodontology.

In recent years, the department has presided 9 Natural Science Foundation of China and several other provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Department has two PhD supervisors and three master supervisors. Three standing sommittee members work in the Division of Periodontology, Chinese Stomatological Association.

Scientific research: The main research interests are the periodontal tissue development and mineralization research; host response mechanism of periodontal disease; periodontal tissue engineering, and periodontal clinical research. More than 40 peer reviewed papers were published in many journals such as Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Journal of Dental Research, International Journal of Biological Sciences, and Journal of Periodontal Research.

Clinical aspects: Systematic treatment for periodontal disease (such as oral health instruction, tooth cleaning, scaling and root planning, and stabilization of loosen teeth) and various kinds of periodontal surgery (e.g. gum resection, periodontal flap surgery, periodontal bone graft surgery, guide tissue regeneration, root hemisection or root amputation, aesthetic crown lengthening, mucogingival surgery and implant placement). In addition, department has also carried out the treatment of pulp-perio combined lesion and peri-implantitis. In recent years, periodontal electron probe, microscope, periodontal endoscope, and laser are generally used in periodontal clinics.

Department of periodontits is also equipped with scaling center, where mainly carry out the oral hygiene instruction in chair side, periodontal scaling and SPT treatment.

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