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The Achievements of Prof. Li Zubing Published in "ACS-nano" Journal 

"ACS-nano", the top journal in the region of nanomaterials, has published the "Controlled Co-Delivery of Growth Factors through Layer-By-Layer Assembly of Core-Shell Nanofibers for Improving Bone Regeneration" in June 2019. This journal had an impact factor of 13.9 in 2018. Dr. Cheng Gu is the first author of the study. Prof. Li Zubing and Deng Hongbing are co-corresponding authors. The research was funded by Natural Science Foundation of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province.

In this study, the coaxial electrospinning and the layer-by-layer self-assembly techniques were used to anchor the osteogenic and angiogenic growth factors to the core and shell of one single nanofiber respectively to achieve the double-releasing of the two factors. The gradient release of two factors with different function was achieved by adjusting the composition of the shell materials and the layer number of shell factor. By this way, sustained release rates of both osteogenic and angiogenic growth factors could be achieved. The experimental results show that the nanofibers prepared by these two techniques can achieve the gradient release of bone morphogenetic factors and angiogenic factors, and can effectively simulate the release of bone formation factors and angiogenic factors in the microenvironment. 


In recent years, Prof. Li Zubing's and Prof. Deng Hongbing’s team have cooperated and attained a series of innovative achievements in the field of bone healing, reflecting the continuous breakthrough in Interdisciplinary research of WHUSS.


                        The Department of Trauma and TMJ Surgery

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